Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Quality-Check 0.10 released

We releases Quality-Check 0.10 today! The new release includes several new checks such as:
  • Check.instanceOf
  • Check.isNumber
  • Check.isNumeric
  • Check.notNaN

Most importantly you should check-out our enhanced webpage and especially our comparison, where we compare Check with other classes like org.springframework.util.Assert [1] or [2] or org.apache.commons.lang3.Validate [3].


jstaniek said...

Excuse me, how is this Java topic related to KDE or C++?

(hint: your posts appear on

Dominik Seichter said...

Hi jstaniek,

.... this is of course neither KDE nor C++ related. But still OpenSource related. Sorry, for the noise on planetkde. Can I mark certain posts somehow so that they do not appear on planet? Or am I only allowed to post about KDE related topics here from now on? :)


city said...

thanks for sharing..