Tuesday, 11 November 2008

KRename on Windows

Some time ago - during a longer trip by train - I booted the Windows XP installed on my Eee PC and tried to port KRename to Windows. Thanks to the efforts of the KDE on Windows team it was only a matter of about 1-2 hours.

You don't believe it? Well see the screenshots:

I am really impressed how easy it is to get KDE on Windows installed and start compiling using Visual Studio. The only changes necessary were related to some Unix syscalls in the Permissions and Date&Time plugin. To try KRename out, it is best to get a current snapshot from SVN (I justed checked in the changes necessary for compilation on Win32).
A pre-compiled binary can be found here. It requires a working installation of KDE 4.1 for Windows. Simply copy it to %KDEDIR%/bin and it should work. If there is interest I might try to provide a real setup for Windows or create more regularly SVN builds.