Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Quality-Check 0.10 released

We releases Quality-Check 0.10 today! The new release includes several new checks such as:
  • Check.instanceOf
  • Check.isNumber
  • Check.isNumeric
  • Check.notNaN

Most importantly you should check-out our enhanced webpage and especially our comparison, where we compare Check with other classes like org.springframework.util.Assert [1] or [2] or org.apache.commons.lang3.Validate [3].

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Quality-Check for Java

André Rouél and I startet a new OpenSource project to avoid technical errors in Java applications: Quality-Check.

The goal of quality-check is to provide a small Java library for basic runtime code quality checks. It provides similar features to org.springframework.util.Assert or without the need to include big libraries or frameworks such as Spring or Guava. 
The package quality-check tries to replace these libraries and provide all the basic code quality checks.


 * Sets the given object if it is not null.
 * @throws IllegalArgumentException
 *         if the given argument is {@code null}
public void setObject(final Object object) {
    if (object != null) {
        throw new IllegalArgumentException("Argument 'object' must not be null.");
    this.object = object;

can be replaces by:

 * Sets the given object if it is not null.
public void setObject(final Object object) {
    this.object = Check.notNull(object);

It is now available in Maven Central so adding it to your project is as simple as putting these five lines into your pom.xml:

Please take also a look at our webpage or our project at GitHub.