Monday, 21 May 2007

KRename4 - the porting has begun

Porting KRename to KDE4 has started and slowly it is getting into shape. Porting is the wrong word though.... KRename4 will be a rewrite most parts. I think KDE4 is a good point to make a clean application out of KRename.

KRename 4 will....
  • ... have the GUI created with designer instead of a hardcoded GUI
  • ... be covered by unit tests: Unit tests are essential to make sure no regressions are introduced. Currently the testing framework is a hand written set of macros, but I might switch to Qt TestLib
  • ... be good designed code: separation between GUI and renaming core
  • ... have comments in the source where appropriate
All these changes will hopefully lead to a very clean KRename4. A KRename4 where others can easily contribute code! The first version will be a functional identical port of the current KDE3 version and the following version will include some nice features, mostlikely an optional JavaScript interpreter so that you can write custom functions for renaming files.

Above you can see how it currently looks, not very different from the KRename 3.0.14 and counters do not work at all.... but it's getting along.

If you want to give it a try get it from svn and compile it (requires KDE4 alpha installed and cmake):

svn co krename
mkdir krename-build
cd krename-build
cmake ../krename

Here you go :)


Dark Phoenix (Nixa) said...

I'm glad KRename is getting a KDE4 port. It's by far the most useful utility I've found on the KDE desktop...

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