Monday, 21 May 2007

domseichter's blog

So ... I started a blog.

The reason is that I am currently porting KRename (a batch renamer for KDE) to KDE4 and it is going to become great. I want to give some status report here in my blog and hopefully I can show some nice stuff about KRename4 and KDE4 in general.

Additionally you will find here news on another project I am working on right now: PoDoFo. PoDoFo is a portable PDF generation and parsing library in C++. So if you are interested in PDF: check it out.


Hiep Tran said...

Hi Dominik Seichter,

We are a small company in Korea, we are using PoDoFo library for researching to make a program to produce new PDFs from old ones. Recently our customer want buy this program to manipulate their PDF files. So we would like to know how we donate or what similar thing we need to do for you so that we can deliver our program (including your library) to customer legally.

Thank you,

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