Sunday, 15 July 2012

KBarcode KDE4 Port Status Update

Fanda provided some updates on the status of the KBarcode-KDE4 port:

The version tagged as "port-1.0" on works and has the most of the Kbarcode's functionality except a database support. It compiles succesfully with few compile warnings and uses all of the Kbarcode's source files except gnubarkodeengine.cpp and gnubarkodeengine.h . But it still uses QT3 support classes like Q3Canvas, Q3SqlCursor, Q3DataTable, Q3SimpleRichText, etc. I am currently working on porting the QT3 support classes to pure QT4. I have already ported Q3Canvas and related stuff to QGraphicsScene (which proved to be the most difficult porting) but I haven't pushed it to the online repository on yet.
I am so glad to this project to be continued! It looks much prettier than the KDE3 version and even did import my old KBarcode3 label files without any problems.

Want some screenshots? Here you got.



Unknown said...

Great work! Can't wait for it too!

j said...

Good effort!
Do you use libprison for barcodes?

John said...

Fantastic! Many thanks to those working on it :-)

Can I make one suggestion though, please consider a name change, KBarcaode does not give any clue as to the labelling ability which most people actually want. KLabels would be more accurate if a little old fashioned, perhaps just LabelMaker?

Unknown said...

I second John's comment about the name.

LabelMaker is more clear to me; plus anything that starts with K instantly limits the audience, which would be a shame as it's such a useful program.

PiggZ said...

Good Stuff, id be interested to know what you use to draw your barcodes. Kexi, the kde/calligra database has barcode support, which can obviously also be generated from the database, or static text. It would be good to ensure we used the same drawing code.

j said...

@piggz: libprison is one way to share the common code... :)